The Secrets to Catching More Red Snappers

The red snapper is a favorite of many fish lovers. Its delightful sweet yet nutty flavor and moist texture make it perfect to cook with. Because it is rich in vitamin A, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s also an ideal source of lean protein. Catching this fish is an art! Here are some of the ways you can set yourself up to catch more red snappers.


The Right Equipment for Catching Red Snapper 

You should use a heavy-duty pole to force the bait down as deep as possible. The larger red snappers could be hiding in holes and deep-covered areas. But the right combo of bait and a heavy-duty pole could be just the thing you need to draw them out. You should also use a circle hook for maximum bites!


The Best Red Snapper Bait

Red snappers are big eaters! But if you want to catch large red snapper, you may have trouble. The smaller red snappers might gobble up your bait before it ever reaches their bigger counterparts. 


Boston mackerel is a red snapper favorite. For best results, try cutting off the mackerel’s tail. This will prevent the tail from controlling the direction of the bait. Clipping the tail will also make them easier for big red snappers to eat.


Generally, red snappers prefer live bait over dead bait. While you might get some snapper with dead bait, you’ll definitely catch more when it’s still alive. Dead bait is more likely to attract to moderately-sized red snappers that weigh about five pounds.


Every angler swears by a different type of bait. Some of the most popular types of red snapper bait include:

  • Cigar minnows
  • Pilchards
  • Big ribbonfish
  • Squid
  • Menhaden fish
  • Mullet fish
  • Pinfish
  • Cut mackerel
  • Sardines 


If you’re using a lure, something that’s shiny and metal will be most likely to attract a red snapper, especially if you’re fishing in shallow water. If it’s taking you a while to get bites, make sure you refresh your bait regularly. This will ensure the bait is as tantalizing as possible.


Be Patient When You Feel a Bite

As soon as you feel a bite, your first instinct is probably to reel your line in, but this isn’t what you should do if your goal is catching red snapper. These fish are clever. They enjoy testing out the bait first before they actually take a bite. If you yank your fishing pole right away, the fish will most likely get away.


The best way to secure the red snapper is to wait a moment after you feel the initial bite. The second bite is when you should take action and start pulling the hook in. Reel in slowly and steadily so you don’t tire out while reeling in the heavy fish.